Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gittin' her Potter on

Let me first start out by saying my wife if a huge Potter fan. This picture was taken at 1:30 am on Saturday morning as we returned from the Barnes and Noble (hereafter refered to as "B and N") midnight magic party where Jen got her Potter book (she stayed up till almost 4:30am reading it!!!). While I definitely admire Rowling and her writing skills, I have not taken the time to read her books yet until this one came out (I was able to use wikipedia for the other books and catch up on all the details :)). Sadly, I only had time for the last five chapters which were some of the best modern writing I have laid eyes on (some of you may think I don't read enough...but if you were to read all the boring science papers that I trudge through, I am certain you would agree with me). I wish there were more creative writers like her living in this world.
The Potter book did not come without a sacrifice. Jen went Friday morning to line up and get her reserved bracelet at B and N so she would be one of the first in line when the book came out. It turns out that the line was too long and she couldn't get it. So Jen appointed me as the bracelet retriever. That required me running to B and N in the pouring ran (close to 1.5 miles), waiting in line soaking wet (I got a lot of stares), and then running back in the pouring rain protecting the little bracelet as if it was one of Voldemort's horcruxes. I would like to see Rowling try and crystalize that heroic event on paper. Come to think of it, I am the real hero of this blog.
I hope everyone reading this is doing well and that they are enjoying their Potter books as well!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Party in Seattle with the Family

The fun keeps on coming this Summer, my Mom and two younger brothers (Justin and Jared) came and spent a week in Seattle. It was a blast showing them around to all the sites and showing them where we live. There were some intense nights playing a board game called Settlers of Catan, no matter what happened my mom always ended up winning! We also went through quite a bit of ice-cream, Rob and I introduced them to Tillamook ice-cream and my brothers were determined to try as many different flavors as possible. I have never had so much ice-cream... I think Rob felt like he was in heaven.
It was a lot of fun and we will miss having them around. The apartment will be a lot quieter.
Now it is off to work until the next visitors come at the end of the month.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy 50th Mom

Jen and I went to Vegas this past weekend to surprise my mom for her 50th Birthday. It turned out to be quite the surprise. She didn't know it, but my brother (only showing his face in this picture) and his family and my aunt (green shirt) showed up to surprise my mom at a restaurant in Lake Las Vegas (unlike Seattle that has natural lakes, we make our own lakes in Las Vegas). While in Vegas, we also cruised the strip at one in the morning (That was acutally Jens idea believe it or not), we went to the Temple (so pretty), did some swimming, some bbqing and of course lit off some early fireworks. It was a great time, but the best part was definitely the look on my moms face when she saw us all there at the table.