Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We got 'er did!!! 18 stops, 197 miles, 15 honey bucket stops(8 in the dark), less than an hour of sleep totals up to one crazy adventure. It was unlike any other race that I have performed in previously in that it is very team oriented (obviously). We were a 12 person team divided into two groups. Here I am with my team (van 1) at the start with Mount Hood right behind us. I ran 3 legs at 9:45pm, 4:30am, and 1:20pm respectively. They were very challenging as I treated each one as a race (not smart considering that I didn't train very well). I averaged 6:30 pace for the first 6 mile leg, 6:12 pace for the next 5.8 mile leg, and 7:00 for the last 6 mile leg (in case anyone really cares...I am putting it here so I don't forget.)

This was taken on my last leg at the top of a very steep 4 mile incline (luckily I had 2 miles of a steep downhill to the finish). My team was awesome! Aside from cheering me on with make shift finish lines like the one above, we would frequently stop to cheer each other on. We were named the "underpants gnomes" which apparently is from South park which I have never watched so I didn't really get it, but people who saw our name would laugh along the way. In fact someone evenly left a fresh pair of whitie tighties on our front windshield which he proudly taped to the back of our van. We finished 24th out of 292 teams in our division (it took us 24 hours and 41 minutes, which is about 7:30 pace).
Before I finish this little blog, I would like to thank my amazing wife for supporting me and motivating me to get out and train. What really made my day was when I got home after the race and saw she had bought me both Fruit Loops (an outlawed cereal in our home) and tillamook ice cream, two huge favorites of mine, to celebrate. Can it get any better than that? I submit to you that it cannot!
...Now its on to college football season!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Family and Friends Blitz

My Parents came into town last weekend and I guess the question is "What didn't we do?" From riding a seaplane around Seattle (one of the coolest things I have ever done) to visiting our Cannuck neighbors to the North, to watching the Mariners barely lose to the Red Sox at Safeco field, I came away from this "vacation" more exhausted than I went into it. It was great to see my parents, we caught up on current events and I played tour guide and showed them around.

My dad I went fishing on the Sound and caught us some coho salmon. Well, he did most of the catching. What I thought was a fish was really a jelly fish on the line. When I brought it up, I was going to keep it to at least walk away with something, but the skipper of the boat wouldn't let me (he said they don't make good eatin'). We also went up to Hurricane Ridge on a clear day...looks like a scene straight out of "The Sound of Music". In fact I was waiting for Julie Andrews to walk into the scene a bust a few notes.

It was a great break! In fact, I was able to see more of my wife during this time. Lately she has been working nights at supersupplements, so when she gets home I am usually asleep. There is a plus side to her working at supersupplements though, because now we get all these free samples. From cod liver to glucosamine to "natural gum", we are getting the hook ups. I have been begging her to get us some polyjuice that harry potter uses.

Before my parent came, my good buddy Andy Dixon and his wife and son came to visit. It was a good time. We went canoing, and we took them to one of our favorite restaurants (Tutta Bella). Watching them with their son doesn't make having kids so bad...so recently we ordered our kid off of ebay, but the little tiger hasn't come in yet. Apparently, he got caught up in customs. Oh well...until then I will continue to be Jen's big boy.