Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Uncle Kelly's Wedding Reception

My Uncle Kelly (the less handsome of the two in the pic above) got married the beginning of Sept. and had a reception this past weekend in the small, but beautiful town of Dunsmuir, Ca. I wasn't going to miss this event for the world. Kelly is one of my best friends and one of those kind of people that would give you the shirt of their back. It was great to see him and his awesome wife Jasmine. We are excited to have her in our family!

The reception was great, I spent a good deal of my time interviewing people at the wedding on camera to get advice for the newly weds. Also, there was some fun dancing that went. I was also exposed to the art of burning sage. Now, if you have never smelled burning sage, it smells an awful lot like marijuana, so for a while I thought I was at a hemp fest and I started to worry about getting a contact high and my future in my church, until someone told me later that it was sage. I thought they were lying until I looked it up on wikipedia. I guess sage is to marijuana what O'doul's is to beer!

I spent most of the time with my mom (in glasses) and aunt (black shirt). They are a lot of fun and made the whole trip great. They even bought me new clothes to wear because they didn't like what I was wearing. Eventhough I am 26, my ego isn't big enough yet to let my mom and aunt buy clothes for me (or maybe its because I am a broke grad student). Unfortunately, my wife was not able to attend the festivities due to work and school, but she was there in spirit.

Congrats again Jasmine and Kelly!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Visit from Dad and Kelly

My dad and is girlfriend/fiance came and visited the beginning of this month. We went to different areas around the city and also showed them where we went to school. It was a lot of fun having them around. After seeing our apartment they decided that we were is great need of a BBQ and so we got an early Christmas present! We are waiting for the shipment to come in and until them I keep fantisizing on what would have to me the first thing we grill...
Now that all of our visitors have come and gone Rob and I are focusing on work, school, and grilled steak... Thanks for coming Dad and Kelly

Sunday, September 9, 2007

U-DUB WINS!!! Jen and I went to yesterday's game against Boise State. It was a lot of fun. Brian Turner (our hometeacher) gave us his tickets which were great seats (50 yard line). I told Bro. Turner that the tickets are worth at least 12 months of hometeaching visits...

It was a great game. Its especially nice to see Coach Tyrone off to a great start. Their schedule is hard, so who knows what will turn out the rest of the season...but we had a blast watching them win.

I might as well throw in here how much I love college football. Unlike the NFL which seems mostly about contracts and who gets paid more (plus its on sundays), college football is a little bit more about the game and about coaching. You are constantly losing players each year, so recruiting is important, as is team chemistry. I love the fact that a walk on can become a star, or a Boise State can beat Oklahoma. Its a fun game with a lot of energy and if I could only get my wife to feel the same!

The video is pretty crappy, I admit. I had another video that was much better, but apparently I didn't save it to the phone...but this gives you a little idea of what 70,000 plus fans at Husky Stadium feels like.