Friday, October 26, 2007

Surprise B-day for my boss!!!!

Okay, so I took a pretty big risk and helped plan a surprise bday party for my boss. The reason it was so risky, is because my boss has a reputation for being a little "gruff" and so we absolutely had no idea how he might take it, but he was turning 50 and, well, it was something we had to do. We were smart about it though and enlisted the help of his wife and a few other professors...however, I still gave 3-1 odds that he would not take it very well.
To my great surprise, he absolutely loved it. We had about 50 people from the dept show up and had a professor lure him into room where we were waiting. Two other grad students and myself prepared a gentle "roast" of "how to think like mike gelb." We included such things as quotes from the undergraduate classes that he teaches ("It's only five points, it's not gonna mess up your life. And if it does, your life is messed up already") to funny emails that we have received.
We then had some cake for him and enjoyed a few minutes chatting. He was extremely delighted and said he was surprised that anyone would do something like this for him. It was a risk well taken. With that said, lets just hope that I don't come in tommorrow and find all my stuff in a box outside my office...