Monday, December 8, 2008


This was our first year hosting a Thanksgiving. Rob's Aunt flew up from Arizona and Pat, a friend from Seattle, came over. We had a good relaxed day and of course the turkey was 3 hours late! Here is a picture of Rob's Aunt Michelle (Lydia's middle name is after her) and Lydia together.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok so Rob and I were pretty lame this Halloween. We went to the Whole Foods Cafeteria for dinner and then watched a funny movie. Yup didn't even have the energy to be scared. Rob and I had the great idea to dress-up Lydia as a Hippie with a really cool tye-dye onsie that was given to us. Lydia on the other hand had another idea and promptly peed all over the onsie when I was changing her diaper in the morning before any pics could be taken. That lead to plan B (which Lydia seemed to like better) where Lydia was an Angel. It was very obvious to see that Rob and I were walking zombies.

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A mouse, a baby and a move

OK Lydia will be 8 weeks this Saturday, I think it is finally time that I write a little but about it all. (From a girls perspective that is). First of all Lydia was ten days past her due date. Needless to say I was ready for her to get moving. In the meantime by Mom was helping us pack so that we could move to our new apartment. While cleaning she noticed two suspicious objects under our stove. I thought that maybe it could be moldy food that got stuck under there only vegetables don't have tails. We got out a flashlight and saw that there were two mice!!! YIKES! This got me really worked up and grossed out. I had to keep from gagging. When my mom got the nerve to scoop them out from under the stove, to our relief we learned that the previous tenants of our apartment were really good practical jokers....the mice were fake!

I believe it was the fright that these mice scared Lydia out of my womb, because the next morning I was in labor. Rob already gave the low-down on that experience so I won't bore you with the same details. What I will is that I did not plan to feel as much joy and awe for this kid as I do. She surpasses all expectations that I could have come up with.

She was born Saturday August 13, we were in the hospital until 9:00pm Sunday night and the move was on Wens. (Oh ya I couldn't really walk or sit so well either during all of this.)

We moved into a little paradise. Aka the bottom level of a home that is about 200 feet from a lake/park. I LOVE where we live! Getting everything put together has really been a work in progress so I don't have pics of the inside of our apartment yet.

We like to take walks by the lake and do quite a bit, here is a pic I took of Rob holding Lydia there last Saturday.

The first couple of weeks after we had Lydia there was a lot of help. First my Mom came, was a lifesaver in so many ways, she helped finish painting the front room in our apartment, distracted me when the baby would not come, helped pack and unpack from a move, help take care of a baby, and just about anything else you could think of. She was great!

Here is a pic of the two of us right after the move. The welcome sign behind us was made by our wonderful upstairs neighbors. The whole family signed it (including the dog, cat, and chickens who they had put paint on their paws and walk across the paper!) it was really thoughtful of them.

After my mom my sister and her whole family came so Lydia was able to get to know some of her cousins. It was really fun having them around and I was able to learn a little better how to get out and about with a baby. Rob and Jared were able to go to the BYU/University of Washington football game too. It was a really close game and they had a lot of fun.

Last but not least. Lydia got to meet some of her girl cousins and her other Grammy. Rob's mom came up with our two nieces and they helped us gain to take the final steps to rebuild our sanity before everyone left us to fend for ourselves. Rob was able to take our nieces (Anika and Alyssa) on a day date. He took them on their first canoe ride on the lake and then to a pottery shop where they got to paint and glaze their own ceramics and then have them put into a kiln.

They were also here for the baby blessing as was Rob's Dad and step-mom with some of their kids. At the beginning of the blessing we thought that Rob was pausing because he was getting emotional about having such a beautiful baby girl, it turns out that it was really that the dress she was wearing was a little slippery and he was trying to make sure she wouldn't slip out of his hands! Oops. Luckily no baby was dropped and the day was a very special experience.

We loved all the help we got and loved having so much family around. Life is rich and full which also mean lacking in sleep. Oh well we will get sleep soon enough. Lydia is growing so fast we wouldn't want to miss a second of it anyways.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lydia Michelle Oslund

Alright, so with Jen absolutely wiped out after giving birth, Jen has delegated the first baby post to me. So, here are a few pics and no it was not my idea to have her pose next to a football...she actually wanted it.

Jen and Lydia are doing good. Jen delivered unmedicated which meant I had to really be at the top of my game. I have been lifting weights the past year to beef up my pipe cleaner arms in anticipation of this day. She really squeezed my left arm back down to its bone. At one point she was biting me which was something that I wasn't too prepared for. The whole experience was great and Jen really showed her true colors...she is a true soldier. The only negative experience was the male anesthesiologist who tried to push Jen into getting an epidural right when we got there. At one point I started to wonder if anyone read her birth plan at all (I think maybe they have women write a birthplan just so they feel good...but then again I am a chemist so what do I really know about this!).

Lydia Michelle was born on August 23rd at 1:02am weighing 8lbs 6ozs and was 20 inches long. Towards the end of labor, Lydia's heart beat dropped pretty low so they had to pull her out with a vacuum suction device as Jen pushed. There were a few extra doctors in the room because of that, but she passed all their tests. She also found her lungs immediately as she has mastered the art of crying...especially during the night time. We got home last night at about 9:30pm and one of the first things I did was look for a baby pic of Jen. Jen and Lydia look really similar which is a good thing because I am not the most handsome of people, and having a girl version of me roaming the earth would be down right wrong.

I am sure more pictures of Lydia will be posted by Jen as she grows. So baby and mom are doing great. Now it on to moving to our new place this week....yeah for adventures!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Two Undergrads

I was thinking about how most of our future blogs will be filled with pictures of Lydia and stories about her and what not and then I realized I shouldn't leave out two other youngsters I work closely with. I have two undergrads that have been working with me for at least this past year. Nate (black shirt shaved head) is a 19 year old whiz kid who joined college at the age of sixteen. Phil (black hair on couch) is about to graduate. Phil's recent GRE quantitative score I think was higher than my verbal and quant scores COMBINED. Of all the graduate students around me, a small minority have an undergrad working with them...somehow I have two. At first I thought that it would be a little overwhelming, but the hard part is being intellectually challenged from below. My Boss is way smarter than I am and dealing with that can sometimes be difficult, so having two young guns below who are smarter than I am can sometimes leave me wondering where I fit in. Its all good though, I got over the fact that I wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed the time I was 9 or 10 years old and riding on a doom buggy and jumped off to help slow it down and got ran over in the process...yeah that pretty much did it for me.
Phil will be leaving our midst at the end or August and Nate will hopefully be sticking around. I did such a good job mentoring Phil that he is preparing to head into the Peace Corps. I can only wonder what fast food restaurant Nate will pick once I am done mentoring him! They work hard and here is a picture of me giving each of them $1 for their efforts (actually, Phil I took $2 dollars out of your wallet to pay you both, so Nate you owe Phil $1). If I couldn't teach them much intellectually so I hope they learned to value hard work a little bit and know that good ideas aren't much without the wings of hard work.

Brad and Tess Parker Visit and 4th Floor BBQ

Man this summer sure is flying by. Our great Friends Brad, Tess and Laney Paker came to stay with us during their trip to the Pacific Northwest. It was fun to see them again and joke around like we used to when Brad and I were roomies at SUU. Their daughter is so cute and unfortunately I don't have a picture to post of them, check their blog I do have a pic of Brad and I at the 5k that we ran in downtown Seattle. There is a messed up story behind this race...apparently they forgot to send a guy (or even put out a cone) at the turnaround, so the top 30 of us ran 4 minutes longer! Now you look at a skinny person like me and think no problem...but behind all that thick muscle is a mercedes benz engine that one can so easily envision, but actually more like a little lawn mower engine that hasn't been well oiled (if you ask Jen she will tell you its because I eat crappy food...against her wishes I must add). Adding another four mintues was the death of me in the race (in all my low key training I don't think I ran more than 3.1 miles exactly). I wanted to break 18 minutes, but my time was 22:22 minutes. If you take off 4 minutes for the extra portion that we ran, another 22 seconds due to being tired from the extra 4 minutes that I ran, another 30 seconds for having to weave in and out of all the people on the way back, another 15 seconds for the strong waffle smell just off the Alaskan viaduct that was somewhat nauseating, and at least another 10 seconds for having to analyze all this and I would say that I did pretty well. Its all good though because I complained and got free registration for next year. So check out our blog in one year from now because I am actually going to train and eat right (I promise sweetie!) and I will be ready to roll...SON!!!!

Another co-worker and myself put together a 4th floor chemistry bbq at Matthews Beach. It was one of the best events I have participated in since I have been in grad school. Almost everyone showed up, the meat was awesome (thanks Jen for going against what I thought was a good idea and totally rocking the show in the hamburger deparment...people have still been talking about your hamburger patties!!!). Now I know what your thinking, chemistry bbq equals one big nerd fest...but I balanced things by bringing my football to toss around just so we could blend in with the rest of the folks at the park....whew! Here in this pick is good friend of mine from the lab named Zhanglin. He taught me all I know about cell culturing. He will be leaving our midst at the end of this month. It was a good time.

I think that about does it for blogs about us...hopefully the next one is about the arrival of Lydia. We are really excited for the life change and to have a new addition to our home.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Showers!

Only a week to go until my due date. Pregnancy has taught me a great many things, one of which is how generous and loving people are! Above is a picture of my first baby shower (a couple of months ago) that my Mom and sister threw for me in Utah. It was really fun to see old friends and family along with neighbors I grew-up with.
Recently some friends threw a shower and they really made it special! It was so fun to spend time with everyone. Lydia is definitely hooked-up for a while now! You may notice that I am not the only pregnant woman in the picture (even though I am the one due in a week)! This goes to show that Lydia will have plenty of friends to play with as well.
Thanks again everyone for how generous and loving you have been! It has really made this pregnancy special and so much easier to prepare for.

Happy B-day/Lydia is coming in less than two weeks!!!

It’s official; as of July 29 I am now 24 years old. Too bad maturity doesn’t always come with the age… It was a good B-day. I was pretty tired and so we went and had dinner and watched a chick-flick at home. Only two more weeks until my due date! It is crazy to think that Lydia can come anytime now. It is hard to say whether or not I feel ready since I am not exactly sure what to expect! Let’s just say I am really excited to see her and start this new stage of our lives! The pregnancy has been really mild and the only real difference is that I have been more tired this past month and when I walk, I waddle and it looks like there is a stick stuck in my rear (sorry for the gross visual). Rob and I found a two bedroom apartment that we will be moving into by the end of August. We will put up pictures of that soon.

Rock Out

As a part of my graduation gift from my Dad and Kelli, Rob and I went to an outdoor concert at Marymoor Park the beginning of July. We listened to Live, Collective Soul, and the Blues Travelers (all bands that I idealized my high school days). It was really cool. We got a bonus feature too, once a good portion of the crowd had their alcohol settle in, Rob and I got to see some killer dancing too! Lets just say good music doesn’t always lead to good dancing. Granted seeing an eight month pregnant woman ready to rock out probably entertained a good amount of people as well.
Unfortunately no cameras were allowed in the area so I have no real evidence that any of this really happened. But then again I might be doing you a favor sparing you from seeing the details!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th pre-baby vacation

Well, Jen and I took a little break from life before Lydia comes to see a little more of the Northwest and to celebrate the 4th of July. We went to Orcas Island and stayed at a bed and breakfast. Of all the San Juan Islands, I think Jen and I both love this one the most. It isn't as touristy as Friday Harbor, and it has some small mountains that really liven up the terrain. We actually caught Mt. Constitution on a semi-sunny day.

On the 4th, we went to Friday Harbor. We drove around the island on a scooter. We had to make a stop at 4th of July Beach which is a craptastic beach with not much to see...I am not sure why they even went out of their way to designate it a beach, let alone waste such a good name like '4th of July' on it (my pregnant wife pointing at the sign was actually way more interesting than the beach me).

We stayed at Buck Bay Farms Bed and Breakfast, I highly recommend it. Great Food, Great Service and Great People. They even have satelite tv and high speed internet in case being in the woods is too isolating. They also had sheep to feed, a tiny little pond to check out, lavender to pick, and a bottomless jar of cookies.

We had a blast, like most vacations, we came out more tired than we went in. The point was to rest up, but I think that plan back fired. Well, we hope everyone had a great 4th of July and are enjoying their summers!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Miracles Happen!!!

This blog now proves that miracles do happen. I don't know what is the bigger miracle, my graduating from college or my actually blogging about it....I guess time will tell.

It is official I graduated with my BS in Nutrition from Bastyr University last Monday (June 23) Rob's parents and my Dad and his significant other (Kelli) all came down to visit. It was great having them all there to support me, Thanks guys!!! Luckily it was not too hard for them to find me in the crowd during the ceremony, it turns out that a 7.5 month pregnant woman who is a foot taller than the person she is sitting by is not to hard to miss!

Other than that Rob and I are getting ready for Lydia to come 6 weeks to go! I can't believe how fast it has gone. Lately I haven't had any classic pregnant moments, though I must admit in the beginning I had a few classic stories! Oh the joys of maternity!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yeah, we are pretty lame at this

Okay, for those that still actually read this blog, our regrets for not updating this as much as we should...I want to say that its because we have been pretty busy...but then I realize that so is everyone else.

Where to start...the stork is scheduled to drop off our baby this August. To prepare, we bought car seat...I think we are pretty much set. Jen disagrees. I would spout off her list of "things" that we need but that would take a lot of blogs to cover. We are both really excited for the arrival of Lydia. Her name will be Lydia Michelle. First name is because it seemed to fit nice, and middle name is after my Aunt whom Jen and I absolutely cherish. You can't always be 100% sure of a name, so we have reserved Gertrude Agnes in case Lydia Michelle doesn't quite fit.

Lets see. I recently passed my general exam. I am trying my hardest to come up with a positive or non-offensive adjective to describe the experience. Needless to say, I passed and it is over. Jen came over to the UW to go out and celebrate. Those exams can really leave you feeling empty, but to make up for it, my boss let me teach his organic chemistry class. He now even lets me feed his fish when he goes on trips (man, this PhD thing is really moving me up in this world).

As for Jen, she is in the final stretch of school. On June 23rd she will graduate with her Bachelors in Nutrition. Hopefully she will blog about that when it happens. We actually try to get out and enjoy this time of year...when the Sun is suppose to be out. I took this pregger snapshot of Jen at a place called Carkeek Park...

Oh and as the weeks go by, Jen has been feeling a 'nesting' urge. I guess it is pretty common among the pregnant folk. To remedy this, we bought Jen a bird feeder for our porch. The bird feeder attracts a bird called a Steller's Jay.

These guys are pretty smart. They first would come by only once or twice a day to get some food, but they now come by about 10 times a day and take loads of peanuts. I guess they bury them or throw them and lesser birds or sell them at Mariners games or something...I don't know.

Anyway, thats all on us. Hopefully we will turn a few more blogs out this summer.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Miss Oslund

Well, we have some exciting news to announce...we are having a baby girl in August!!!!

We just found out this Monday what our baby was going to be. I already knew month ago that we were going to have a girl...I guess her and I already have that connection. Yeah, I am secretly hoping that she ends up a daddy's girl. I think of all the fun things we will do taking her full speed in a baby carrier around Green Lake, a baseball game or two, a football game or two, and hopefully a basketball game or two. I will do my best to make sure she is educated in the ways of college sports...this I know!!!

So that leaves me with a question for everyone out there (I have 16 years to answer this, but you can never be too prepared for this).

Which of the following weapons below should I invest in?


The one on the left is a state of the art M16 that would scare most out of their witts, but in this case I only care about 16 year old hormone-crazed boys. The one on the right is a ramulon disruptor rifle seen on star trek. I have never actually seen what it could do to a living organism, but if some young hotshot brings my daughter home even 10 minutes late, I would have no problem seeing what type of 'disruptin' this little guy is capable of.
Of course, I am open to let me know.
I wish I could say that this was the only big news to consume our lives, but Jen and I have been super busy...if our lack of blogs aren't evidence of that.
Besides being pregnant, Jen is busy being a full time student and full time worker at Super Sups . She has finals next week and will then head to SLC to hang with her family for a few days. She is really looking forward to that.
As for me, pretty much the same old thing. Just busy with work and preparing for a big exam on April 1st.
Jens pregnancy has been pretty mild (knock on wood). She has been pretty chill and not too moody. However, this morning was pretty funny though. I came out from the bedroom at my usual 5:20am only to find Jen busy in the kitchen cutting up potatoes, onions, and a whole assortment of other veges and fruits. Something you would expect at a Vegas Style buffet. She was all fired up about eating healthy and she started telling me about how tired she is of eating bad food and the negative effects it has on a persons body. At one point during her monologue, I looked down at my freshly prepared toast drenched in magarine (much to Jen's demise, I love magarine) and actually felt a little guilty for my poor health habits, until that is, I sunk my teeth into the warm toast and let the magarine absorb into my blood. At the end of her speech, Jen looked at me and asked if she was being too I am not dumb, I knew not to answer that one...never answer an open ended question from your wife that you don't have a way out of.
On a serious note, Jen and I are doing well here in the Emerald City and loving every minute of it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Catch up Blog...2007 gone in a FLASH!!!

Well, its been a while since we last put something down in our blog. So for all that we missed, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Looking back, we were extremely busy the last part of 2007.

We carried on the Halloween Party Tradition at our home. It was started by Jake and Nicole Froerer recently gone from our ward and it was so much fun that we wanted to keep it going. Unfortunately though, I am still a little bitter about it since I lost best costume (I was 2x reigning champion) to Scott Hale the robot man. This year I am going to represent to the fullest (its one of my new years goals right above reporting every perpetrator illegally using the carpool lane).

After Halloween, our next big event was Thanksgiving. We bought thick juicy steacks and grilled them on our new grill (Thanks Tom and Kelly). We had a good friend Craig over from our ward and ate some steaks and watched Spiderman III.

Next we went to another UW football game where they actually beat Cal. Did I say how much I love college football? It seems like they win whenever I go, so Coach Ty if you are reading this can you hook me up with some season tickets? You bet I will be there in less than 8 months for UWs win over the Y.

Lastly, in 2007 we went down to Vegas and SLC. It was our first vacation longer than 3 days this whole year. Vegas was awesome, we went to the temple, we played Rockband of PS 3, we took some family pics, we watched movies at home, did the jacuzzi thing, and had a wonderful Christmas of course. My favorite part was staying over at my Brother's house on Christmas eve and watching my Nieces open their gifts on Christmas morning. Speaking for my wife, I know her most favorite event was our trip to see "Phantom of the Opera" at the Venetian Hotel. The stage effects were awesome and, to top it off, it only lasted 1hr and 45 minutes. Normally you have to see the 3.5 hr version pretty much everywhere else. So guys, if you want to please your woman without inflicting too much pain on yourself, check out the Phantom at the Venetian. You will have to ask Jen sometime about how I tricked her into thinking that the Phantom here in Vegas was a topless version...lets just say the joke wasn't as funny as I had planned.

SLC was awesome too. We saw a lot of Jens family and had a good time hanging out at her house. I even had a root beer with my cute little nephew Tyler. We really enjoyed seeing the Church Museum right next to the family history center. They have upgraded from 2.5 years ago when we were last there. They have done a really nice job and I recommend it to everyone. We celebrated New Years by playing boggle, and watching her neighbors light off illegal fireworks...we are talking the hardcore kind that you have to go to the park or other open spaces and watch professionals light off. I threatened to call the Police or even Bishop on these people. I am turning into quite the hypocrite, because I was once a pyromaniac myself, but when you do it everyday in a lab, the fire and explosions start to lose there effect. We finished up our trip sledding and freezing in the snow.

We hope that everyone reading this had a great New Years and Christmas as well. We are so thankful for our friends and family. Thank you for all you have done for us and been to us in our lives. Best Wishes on a happy and exciting 2008.