Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Miss Oslund

Well, we have some exciting news to announce...we are having a baby girl in August!!!!

We just found out this Monday what our baby was going to be. I already knew month ago that we were going to have a girl...I guess her and I already have that connection. Yeah, I am secretly hoping that she ends up a daddy's girl. I think of all the fun things we will do taking her full speed in a baby carrier around Green Lake, a baseball game or two, a football game or two, and hopefully a basketball game or two. I will do my best to make sure she is educated in the ways of college sports...this I know!!!

So that leaves me with a question for everyone out there (I have 16 years to answer this, but you can never be too prepared for this).

Which of the following weapons below should I invest in?


The one on the left is a state of the art M16 that would scare most out of their witts, but in this case I only care about 16 year old hormone-crazed boys. The one on the right is a ramulon disruptor rifle seen on star trek. I have never actually seen what it could do to a living organism, but if some young hotshot brings my daughter home even 10 minutes late, I would have no problem seeing what type of 'disruptin' this little guy is capable of.
Of course, I am open to let me know.
I wish I could say that this was the only big news to consume our lives, but Jen and I have been super busy...if our lack of blogs aren't evidence of that.
Besides being pregnant, Jen is busy being a full time student and full time worker at Super Sups . She has finals next week and will then head to SLC to hang with her family for a few days. She is really looking forward to that.
As for me, pretty much the same old thing. Just busy with work and preparing for a big exam on April 1st.
Jens pregnancy has been pretty mild (knock on wood). She has been pretty chill and not too moody. However, this morning was pretty funny though. I came out from the bedroom at my usual 5:20am only to find Jen busy in the kitchen cutting up potatoes, onions, and a whole assortment of other veges and fruits. Something you would expect at a Vegas Style buffet. She was all fired up about eating healthy and she started telling me about how tired she is of eating bad food and the negative effects it has on a persons body. At one point during her monologue, I looked down at my freshly prepared toast drenched in magarine (much to Jen's demise, I love magarine) and actually felt a little guilty for my poor health habits, until that is, I sunk my teeth into the warm toast and let the magarine absorb into my blood. At the end of her speech, Jen looked at me and asked if she was being too I am not dumb, I knew not to answer that one...never answer an open ended question from your wife that you don't have a way out of.
On a serious note, Jen and I are doing well here in the Emerald City and loving every minute of it.