Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok so Rob and I were pretty lame this Halloween. We went to the Whole Foods Cafeteria for dinner and then watched a funny movie. Yup didn't even have the energy to be scared. Rob and I had the great idea to dress-up Lydia as a Hippie with a really cool tye-dye onsie that was given to us. Lydia on the other hand had another idea and promptly peed all over the onsie when I was changing her diaper in the morning before any pics could be taken. That lead to plan B (which Lydia seemed to like better) where Lydia was an Angel. It was very obvious to see that Rob and I were walking zombies.

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A mouse, a baby and a move

OK Lydia will be 8 weeks this Saturday, I think it is finally time that I write a little but about it all. (From a girls perspective that is). First of all Lydia was ten days past her due date. Needless to say I was ready for her to get moving. In the meantime by Mom was helping us pack so that we could move to our new apartment. While cleaning she noticed two suspicious objects under our stove. I thought that maybe it could be moldy food that got stuck under there only vegetables don't have tails. We got out a flashlight and saw that there were two mice!!! YIKES! This got me really worked up and grossed out. I had to keep from gagging. When my mom got the nerve to scoop them out from under the stove, to our relief we learned that the previous tenants of our apartment were really good practical jokers....the mice were fake!

I believe it was the fright that these mice scared Lydia out of my womb, because the next morning I was in labor. Rob already gave the low-down on that experience so I won't bore you with the same details. What I will is that I did not plan to feel as much joy and awe for this kid as I do. She surpasses all expectations that I could have come up with.

She was born Saturday August 13, we were in the hospital until 9:00pm Sunday night and the move was on Wens. (Oh ya I couldn't really walk or sit so well either during all of this.)

We moved into a little paradise. Aka the bottom level of a home that is about 200 feet from a lake/park. I LOVE where we live! Getting everything put together has really been a work in progress so I don't have pics of the inside of our apartment yet.

We like to take walks by the lake and do quite a bit, here is a pic I took of Rob holding Lydia there last Saturday.

The first couple of weeks after we had Lydia there was a lot of help. First my Mom came, was a lifesaver in so many ways, she helped finish painting the front room in our apartment, distracted me when the baby would not come, helped pack and unpack from a move, help take care of a baby, and just about anything else you could think of. She was great!

Here is a pic of the two of us right after the move. The welcome sign behind us was made by our wonderful upstairs neighbors. The whole family signed it (including the dog, cat, and chickens who they had put paint on their paws and walk across the paper!) it was really thoughtful of them.

After my mom my sister and her whole family came so Lydia was able to get to know some of her cousins. It was really fun having them around and I was able to learn a little better how to get out and about with a baby. Rob and Jared were able to go to the BYU/University of Washington football game too. It was a really close game and they had a lot of fun.

Last but not least. Lydia got to meet some of her girl cousins and her other Grammy. Rob's mom came up with our two nieces and they helped us gain to take the final steps to rebuild our sanity before everyone left us to fend for ourselves. Rob was able to take our nieces (Anika and Alyssa) on a day date. He took them on their first canoe ride on the lake and then to a pottery shop where they got to paint and glaze their own ceramics and then have them put into a kiln.

They were also here for the baby blessing as was Rob's Dad and step-mom with some of their kids. At the beginning of the blessing we thought that Rob was pausing because he was getting emotional about having such a beautiful baby girl, it turns out that it was really that the dress she was wearing was a little slippery and he was trying to make sure she wouldn't slip out of his hands! Oops. Luckily no baby was dropped and the day was a very special experience.

We loved all the help we got and loved having so much family around. Life is rich and full which also mean lacking in sleep. Oh well we will get sleep soon enough. Lydia is growing so fast we wouldn't want to miss a second of it anyways.