Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brother goes on Mission!!!

My youngest brother, Jared, just left on a mission. He is going to Florida. Before he left Lydia and I got to go down and spend a week with him and the family. It was really good to be able to say goodbye in person. We did a lot of things from a pool party, hike, etc. What can I say I have a pretty awesome family!

Lydia Crawling

I thought this was cute. Lydia goes back a forth from going on all fours and going on her hands and feet. This was 6:30am. Lydia just has to wake-up to say goodbye to Daddy....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trish and Roc come.

The fun continues. (Thanks to Southwest plane ticket sales!) Trish and Roc, Rob's parents, came to visit. We went North to the Tulip Festival and south to Mount Ranier and the Northwest Trek. At Mt. Ranier Lydia touches snow for the first time, and we had the word's best blackberry pie. The Mariners had a turn back the clock night where they made everything seem like how the team was in 1939. So naturally I was more worried about getting there in time for a free throwback hat than I was to see the game. It was a fun week. Lydia was incredibly patient and good with the long car drives and late nights which helped make the week even more fun!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spit-up Happens

Just thought you should know

Girl Party!!!

A very good friend from my childhood flew up to Seattle to visit. It was wonderful spending time with her I showed her the sights and we went to a play together. On Saturday another friend of ours drove up from Portland and we all spent time downtown together. For you movie buffs, this picture is where Tom Hanks sat during a scene in Sleepless in Seattle.
It was a fabulous weekend.

Rob B-day

Rob had a Birthday on April 19. We celebrated by going to a Taco Stand inside of a school bus and then going to the batting cages the Saturday before and then having B-day cake and flying his remote control helicopter that he got. The joke is that Rob is the kid that I never had...I think that Lydia finds this offensive.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I must say that I am very grateful to Southwest for having a really good deal on plane tickets recently. It has made March-May pretty exciting. Rob's brother, Chad came to visit as did my Mom. We had some good times. As always it went to fast. Luckily more visitors will be coming soon!

Here are some fun pics of life lately. These are of Rob and Lydia thinking that they are a Bob Marley and JT. And then us taking some pics of us supporting the Huskies (too bad that can't win a game!)

Last of all here is Lydia looking cute in the dress that Anika (her cousin) got her in Hawaii, since Rob and I were not able to make it. Oh and Lydia in a bear hat that my sister got her. I think that no kid should go without one of these. As Tyra Banks would say, "This is fierce!"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas/New Year Break

Finally I blog about Christmas and New Years. Christmas and New Years was a great break for Rob, Lydia and I. Lydia and myself went down to Utah early to spend some more time with family and friends. It was great. I got to spend some time with my new nephews and friends I have not seen in far to long.

We did a lot of fun activities from Girls Night out to watch the all so corny 'Vampire Movie' to bowling to being introduced to an awesome rock band by my brother. It was so fun to be with the family. Lydia got a chance to see snow for the first time, but as it turns out she would have had that experience in Seattle as well. While we were in Utah Rob was in middle of the worst snow storm Seattle had experienced in the last 15 years. We were not sure that his plane would take off on the 23'rd! Luckily he made it and Christmas was saved! It is probably the last time (at least in a really long time) that all my family will be together for Christmas. So we took the classic family picture. It only took about 100 shots to get a descent picture. So not to burst your bubble but most pictures did not turn out even close to this.

After Christmas we took a reminiscent road trip to Las Vegas to spend New Years with Rob's family. Rob and I were a little nervous how Lydia would handle the six hour drive and by some miracle she did really well. In fact she slept for about 4 hours of it (which really is a miracle!!!)

In Vegas we soaked up the sunshine took the ever so important pilgrimage to Ghiradelli ice cream shop to have some of the best ice cream ever!! It so happens that the ice cream hut is right by a music stage that is always playing some sort of funky music. Rob's mom (Trish) and I decided to be hot shots and dance to a little music off to the side. Little did we know that Disco Steve (the lead singer) would run over to us and practically drag us onto the main area. Luckily Trish and I had some killer moves to impress the bystanders with. Unfortunately it got caught on camera....yikes....

New Years Eve was fun and we celebrated my watching Momma Mia. For some reason Rob was unable to stay awake during these festivities...
Anika (one of our nieces) was very effective at waking him up though so by the time the clock struck twelve we were all awake.

As always the break went to quickly and it was time to fly back to Seattle. Before leaving for the break I had been having nightmares about what could happen with a baby on the plane. On the way down she slept so on the way back my guard was down and she had a major blowout I just had to throw the outfit away because it was so bad. Of course this was literally the only time I did not have a spare outfit in the diaper bag. So she got my outer shirt very fashionable wrapped around her for the remainder of the trip. I made sure to let her know that this will be the only time that she will get away with such a scandalous outfit in public.
That was the break we are now adjusting to life in Seattle. We can't wait to have Family come and visit in March and April.