Sunday, April 5, 2009


I must say that I am very grateful to Southwest for having a really good deal on plane tickets recently. It has made March-May pretty exciting. Rob's brother, Chad came to visit as did my Mom. We had some good times. As always it went to fast. Luckily more visitors will be coming soon!

Here are some fun pics of life lately. These are of Rob and Lydia thinking that they are a Bob Marley and JT. And then us taking some pics of us supporting the Huskies (too bad that can't win a game!)

Last of all here is Lydia looking cute in the dress that Anika (her cousin) got her in Hawaii, since Rob and I were not able to make it. Oh and Lydia in a bear hat that my sister got her. I think that no kid should go without one of these. As Tyra Banks would say, "This is fierce!"