Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trish and Roc come.

The fun continues. (Thanks to Southwest plane ticket sales!) Trish and Roc, Rob's parents, came to visit. We went North to the Tulip Festival and south to Mount Ranier and the Northwest Trek. At Mt. Ranier Lydia touches snow for the first time, and we had the word's best blackberry pie. The Mariners had a turn back the clock night where they made everything seem like how the team was in 1939. So naturally I was more worried about getting there in time for a free throwback hat than I was to see the game. It was a fun week. Lydia was incredibly patient and good with the long car drives and late nights which helped make the week even more fun!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spit-up Happens

Just thought you should know

Girl Party!!!

A very good friend from my childhood flew up to Seattle to visit. It was wonderful spending time with her I showed her the sights and we went to a play together. On Saturday another friend of ours drove up from Portland and we all spent time downtown together. For you movie buffs, this picture is where Tom Hanks sat during a scene in Sleepless in Seattle.
It was a fabulous weekend.

Rob B-day

Rob had a Birthday on April 19. We celebrated by going to a Taco Stand inside of a school bus and then going to the batting cages the Saturday before and then having B-day cake and flying his remote control helicopter that he got. The joke is that Rob is the kid that I never had...I think that Lydia finds this offensive.