Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Life

(Belmont Horse Races)


(Glass blowing workshop at Asbury Beach, Lydia got to make a mural, Anika and Alyssa got to make a blown glass thing)

(Avalon Beach)

(Monmouth Battle reenactment)

(Lydia makes 'soup' while I am in the bathroom. Note that she got all ingredients on her own into the bowl and even chopped the potato with her kids knife, scary but secretly I am a really proud mother.)

The month of June was full of adventures. Chad came down with Anika and Alyssa for a week and then the girls stayed for another two weeks after. We did all sorts of things including: NYC, Philly, Two beaches (there was a whale at the first one!), Monmouth Battle Reenactment, Girl Party, Cooking class, chuck-e-cheese (my first time there),visits to farms, fireworks, ghost tours, fishing at the canal, Belmont horse races, and Rob and I going on a date....yes a real date to the Princeton Art Museum (free with an AMAZING collection)
I have started swimming laps again since the pool at our complex is open, Rob is working like a mad man but keeping his cool. Lydia loved having her cousins around. Child is most likely a girl, but they can't say anything for sure because the child was uncooperative during ultrasound in that department so it is only a guess but I am 24 weeks along with the expected due date of Oct. 31.....what are the chances they actually come out then??????

Current Lydia-isms
Loves fairies especially Silvermist (water fairy) and Iradessa (light fairy). Those fairies have helped Lydia though some tough times, aka loud fireworks that scared her until we told her we though Irradessa must be helping to make them. Going to bed, it turns out fairies leave a little treat in a fairy stocking if you fall asleep by yourself (she though of it, not me). She calls them on the phone (thanks for those who help with that one ;D) and is currently wanting to skype tinkerbell to find out where she is because she hasn't found the fairy tree around our house (any volunteers??? She does make fairy houses.

Also She is potty trained fully. Other than the slight detail of we had her pee in the trees while fishing, she liked it so much that she is constantly asking to go to the bathroom in the trees at home, she has gone poop in her emptied garbage can and in a empty yogurt container than she then buried inside one of my herb pots (another plant bites the dust) clever but not gonna work.

Funny things.....burped and laughed really hard saying "I farted out of my mouth!!!",


Jared Bolz said...

Looks like Lydia has got a knack for healthy eating too! I see she chose broccoli in the soup. Very impressive.

Emma said...

It's fun to hear what you guys have been up to. Yay for Lydia being potty trained! Amy has no interest at all.

Rachel said...

Yay!! I love that you're posting more! Looks like you guys have done a ton of fun things already. Scope it out so you can show me the best things when I visit :)