Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lydia in May

Thought that you all might enjoy some pics.
We had a week of rainy weather. I got desperate for some indoor activities to keep us from going crazy. Finger painting was a big success. Lydia loved it and keeps asking to do it again.
Clean-up wasn't as bad as you might imagine from the pic

Other activities have included dress-up, making bread, and barbies, and building with blocks (yes there is a lot of 'girl' in her)

For now the sun is out and we are in the 80's-90's. F
For Memorial Day Lydia and I went to a pancake breakfast and parade by the Princeton campus. We picked up Rob from work and went to a Revolutionary War Re-enactment at an old battle ground from the war. On Monday we went to a ward picnic at a park.

As for the new kid in the oven here is a picture at 16 weeks. I go in on the 14'th to find the sex of the child (plus all the other stuff =D)

We also went to Philly when we first got here. Here is a family pic at where they signed the Declaration of Independence


Amy said...

Look at that finger painting! Of course she had fun; that's fantastic. And congratulations! I'm excited to hear about another Oslund. It's great to see an update.

inkylou said...

Lydia is so big! She looks like a very fun little girl. Congratulations on the upcoming baby!

Tessie parker said...

Wow, I can't believe how big Lydia is getting. Thanks for posting these pics, it's fun to hear what you guys are up to and see how your family is growing!

Jenny said...

Congrats!!! I didn't know you were expecting another little one. Emma would absolutely love it if I let her do finger painting like that. I'm not sure I could get up the courage to do it though.