Sunday, July 31, 2011

It all started 7 years ago...

Our family that is. Like so many others who watch portions of their life pass by on the time scale of years, I too am amazed at how fast this all goes.

I started this blog over 4 years ago with the idea to chronicle some of our life for those who care to read about it and to have an online repository for thoughts, experiences, and photos. However, I soon found myself creating moments or staging photos so that I could "blog" about them. The notion that I was creating fake moments to boast about was a bit of frightening realization and it was in direct violation of my number one rule of "keeping it real always." So I stopped writing in this blog. Anyway (if you are still reading this, thanks!) to make a long story short, Jen took over and is trying hard to revive our blog as we start a new chapter in New Jersey. She also keeps asking me to write something, but I keep opposing because of the reasons above. However, Jen and Lydia have traveled back west for the week and I am left to an uncomfortably quiet home. There is no laughter of a three year old, no one to roll their eyes at me when I make snide remarks, no smell of amazing food, no hugs or high fives, and no sense of completeness that comes from hanging out with my team. This all serves as a reminder of how much I appreciate and love Jen and how much my family means to me. So to satisfy Jens request to blog something and to detract from the quietness in our home, here is a post from me.

Seven years ago, Jen and I walked out of the Jordan River temple sealed as husband and wife. Here is a photo that I could find of that moment. When I look at this photo, a couple of things come to mind. First, I am extremely fortunate that things have turned out well for Jen and I. I could honestly say that, having gone through the past seven years together, we would be all smiles walking out those temple doors if we were to get married all over again (with each other, of course). Second (and maybe I am being to harsh on myself), but I think that I was the bigger wild card out of the two in the photo above. Jen did take a chance on me and I sincerely hope it is paying off (if anything, she learned what REAL food is from our adventure in Seattle).

Lastly, I look at Jen above, who is cheesing it up in the photo, and think about some of the things that she has taught me over the years. From introducing me to simple things like Dave Matthews, good food, theater, and enjoying nature to more profound/complex things like achieving balance, seeing past the mistakes of others no matter how messed up, and never, never, never underestimating what she is capable of. I think Jen is often underestimated for what she can do. Sometimes, if I watch closely, when she is getting underestimated she gets this look on her face or sound in her voice that she is going to take the underestimation and use it as fuel and rise to a whole new level. In other words, if Marshawn Lynch has a beastmode, Jen Oslund has a Bad-A mode. I love it when Jen goes Bad-A on situations/events. It is fun to watch and it is inspiring. Finishing her first half-marathon despite years of knee problems and her coach (gasp! me!) quiting on her was Bad-A, giving natural birth to Lydia despite the attending physician pushing an epideral on her was Bad-A, leaving friends and family for the East coast in return for a sleepy town, fewer friends and crappy food and never complaining on top of it all...has been one of her finest Bad-A moments.

Jen, the best teammate in the world, here is to seven great years and counting!

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Rachel said...

I love this post! I can't believe it's been 7 years! Congrats! I'm so glad you cherish Jen - we all do. You two make a fabulous team :)