Monday, July 25, 2011

July in Jersey

This has been a hot month. We were pretty worn out from June so when the 4th of July came up we kept it low-key. There were fireworks at the Princeton Football Stadium that we went to. They were fun to watch. Lydia was scared of them again but I got her to stop crying sooner this time around. (Thanks again to fairies) at the end of the show they must have forgotten to light a couple fireworks and they went off at a weird time. Lydia actually saw them this time before she could hide. She started a nervous laugh and said how it was silly the fairies surprised us. And again like last time she was adamant about calling the 'fairies' to thank them for the show, which over the phone she talked about them like she was watching and enjoyed it....go figure.

On the 4th we decided to follow the tracks of the Revolutionary soldiers and see a site where the battle of Monmouth occurred. It was cool to walk along the same trail by the same fence and up to the same house it all happened. We were the only ones there.

On the way home there was a peach orchard that we stopped by and picked some peaches.

The middle of the month was fairly uneventful. Errands, housework, library visits, our weekly visit to the farm, exploring some new parks, etc. Our favorite thing has been the pool that is a part of the complex. There have been some really hot and humid days here and the pool has aloud us a way to get outdoors.

I got to celebrate my 27th b-day early due to a family vacation Lydia and I will be going on. Rob took Saturday off of work and we went and saw kids play in the park (the little mermaid). I especially loved how they used Justin Bieber as the prince's statue! We then walked around Washington Crossing. We made some Baklava that I have been dying to try for my cake and had a small party for FHE on monday.
It was a lot of fun and was thoughtful of Rob and Lydia.

Favorite Lydiaism's of the month:
When Lydia cuts with the scissors she is so concentrated that her mouth will open and close with the scissors without her knowing.

She has starting making up her own stories (which are fun to listen too) each story consists of the phrase "and one day" at least 15 times in a louder and drawn out voice. love it.

Oh and for those who have been asking for a pregnancy shot here is one (I was going for a catalog shot but it came off studio ;D......

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