Monday, September 5, 2011

August Update

I have to admit that I love Rob adding some posts every now and then, he is a lot more interesting at it than I am. I think my posts are a little more mechanical. With that said August was an awesome and eventful month. It started with a week long camping trip at Lake Tahoe with my entire family. (Rob couldn't come...that was a big bummer!) My youngest brother had just gotten back from his mission and it was really good to see him along with everyone else.
The week was fun an relaxing with the normal things, sailing, canoeing, hikes, playing on the beach, campfire stories, bears ransacking the camp, etc. Really bears came one night when we forgot to put a cooler away and they ate everything during the night! My dad shined a flashlight at them and they climbed up the trip right by the tent Lydia and I were sleeping in. The next morning I found a big chocolate chip cookie that had somehow been smuggled into the tent under the sleeping bag! I was very relieved that the bears decided against eating that. The next night the bears came back and I could here them breathing right outside my tent for about 20 minutes (no exageration) I was horrified that there might be another cookie hiding in my tent. If that isn't enough to scare a pregnant lady alone in a tent with her daughter while I heard the bear breathing something bumped my tent twice!!!
On a happier note Lydia had a blast with all her cousins and was an angel on the plane flights.
Rob and I had our 7th Anniversary and Lydia her 3'rd b-day, and I my 27th b-day. All which were fun and exciting events.
We survived an earthquake on Lydia's B-day and a Hurricane later that month that left us with no power for 12 hours (half were in the night) We were lucky to not have to deal with any flooding or extended power outages like others around us.
The other days were filled with the norm. cleaning, work, errands, and playing at the apartment pool.
The final hoorah for the month was when Rob's Dad, Steve came to visit for just under a week. We went to NYC one day and saw some sights, including the top of the empire state building. Showed Steve around Princeton, and then took a weekend trip to Boston. Can I just say that I LOVE Boston! It is a really nice city. It was a lot of fun.
Now we are trying to get back into the normal swing of things etc. With the exciting news that Lydia starts Preschool on Friday. 3 days a week for 3 hours. She is so excited and it will be good for her, as well as for me when the new baby comes. The cool part about this school is that it is right by Rob's work on the campus to where she can see his work window from her playground, Lydia keeps on telling us how she is going to scare Daddy while she is on the playground by saying 'BOO!'

current Lydia'isms: In love with barbies, dolls, fairies and pretend. Liked to cut things with her scissors, is singing a lot of songs to herself, is constantly asking us to tell her a story.

current Pregnancyisms
I am borderline obsessive compulsive with my plans for what I want to have done a taken care of before the baby is here. Luckily my family has been tolerant of my 'projects' and has not tried to persuade me that staying up till midnight to make Christmas stockings is not in the least bit odd for this time of year.

baby got her second ultrasound, all is good but again they were not cooperative with letting us know for sure the gender. It is a most likely girl with a small chance of boy.